Top 5 Best Essay Topic Ideas

While students generally often groan and groan when it comes to writing essays, it’s an important skill for you to develop – one that you need in the years to come. Children tend to disrupt essay writing to a lesser extent when writing about topics that they feel very interested in or passionate about, so […]

How to write an argumentative text?

An argumentative text is a type of task in which you should examine a topic / issue and try to convince your recipients of your attitude to the topic. Along the way, you will be nuanced and look at both pros and cons. It is common to have to account for views in one or […]

Effective tips on how to start an essay

The word ‘essai’ originates from French, where it was first used for a written genre by Michel de Montaigne in 1580. The word means almost ‘experiment’, ‘draft’ or ‘study’. Literally, the essay refers to a shorter prose text, where the writer reflects on a general human subject and spices his text with personal experiences or […]

7 easy ways to start writing an essay

Pupils and students relate to the essay very individually. For some, the genre is very simple, but for some it is questionable complicated. An unconditional plus is a very free form with almost no genre framework. But if the author does not even know what to say, it is very difficult to approach the essay […]

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